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Company Profile

Hyqualty construction is a comprehensive design, engineering and construction company based in Perth, Western Australia. Hyqualty specializes in Mining contracting, Commercial and residential construction and also in house tailor made engineering solutions.

Hyqualty has been committed to creating an integrated company that listens better, plans better and builds better.
The Hyqualty professional team provides a customized experience for each project we undertake, Providing a one-stop shop for all your design and construction needs. The hyqualty team pride’s ourselves on internal growth and delivering an exceptional product and service to our extensive range of new and old customers.

At hyqualty we understand projects, investments and people so speak with us today on how we can help you.
Hyqualty Construction specialises in providing a wide range of services including EPC contracting, civil works, structural / mechanical / piping installations, and maintenance with all necessary quality assurance / control, health, safety, P6 Primavera scheduling, providing full 3d navigation model and environment compliances......
Hyqualty has design and construction experience in many commercial construction projects not just custom residential projects. The Design and construction team provides in house engineering solutions, Construction knowledge and Design expertise related to all commercial works......
Across our in house team of Residential Building designers and in house builder, we have extensive experience of new Residential builds, Additions, Renovations and Refurbishments......
Hyqualty Engineering is a Western Australia based engineering consulting firm, specialising in residential structural designs and geotechnical solutions for all type/size residential projects using any form of construction materials......


Cities are where essences of human civilization congregate. Through seeking to integrate people with urban development, Hyqualty Group closely follows the pulse of the times, and is committed to engaging in high-end real estate development and exploring the symbiosis between people and urban development.

What Make us defferent