Hyqualty's experience ranges from warehouses and workshops to Washbay, concrete and steel frame buildings, and Transportable buildings. Based on our mature process, experience and technology, we can customize solutions that are most suitable for any specific project's operational functions, design life, durability, environmental and logistics challenges.


Warehouse & Workshop

Our team has a wealth of expertise related to the design and construction of warehouses and workshops. The team will carry out personalized design, provide quality materials, create a durable and safe warehouse, and ensure that your warehouse exceeds your expectations without excessive investment. We provide various forms of Warehouse & Workshop Design including Steel Frame, Pre-cast concrete and Tilt-up panel. Confirm the most economical and reasonable design and construction plan according to customer needs.

Transportable Building

Our team has expertise in designing, manufacturing and delivering portable buildings. All our portable buildings are constructed to the highest quality standards in terms of comfort, design and safety. By providing customized solutions for all our products, we are able to meet the specific needs and budgets of all our clients.


Wash Bay

 Our team will provide you with professional piping consultation and hydraulic design to ensure that the washbay and strictly standardized structures are specially designed according to your purpose to meet the wastewater requirements and standards.

Concrete & Steel frame construction and design including
foundation of Power station & fuel tanks

Our trusted professional team will ensure all works are designed to the correct requirements and look at the most efficient way of delivering the project.

Our concrete capabilities include: insitu formwork and prefabricated formwork, complex steel structure fixation, concrete pouring and finishing, and completion of concrete pouring under harsh conditions

Our steel frame capabilities include: manufacturing and hoisting new steel components, installing new steel components into working area, modifying existing steel components in working area