Hyqualty Engineering is a Western Australia based engineering consulting firm, specialising in residential structural designs and geotechnical solutions for all type/size residential projects using any form of construction materials


Our mission is to meet each client’s needs and make a difference in our client’s lives by providing the highest standards of services and delivering quality residential projects to our clients. We understand that each one of our clients has different needs. We pride ourselves in building and maintaining good relationships with each client to ensure those needs are met. Over the time, we've built up a network of contractors, architects, and consultants that can work together to help complete your project on time and on budget.

The company is led by a Charter engineer and several experienced engineers. The team has over ten years of experiences in carrying out the design and assessment of different structures. Between the engineers, there were over 20,000 residential and commercial structures that have been designed and assessed such as single and double storey houses, commercial warehouses, multi-storey apartments, schools and other public facilities. Our engineers have a wealth of understanding and knowledge of the building structure products on the market and have extensive experience to design and use the different products in making the most economic designs.



The Hyqualty Engineering services span the full project life cycle from engineering scheme designs at concept and resource consent stages, through developed design, detailed design, supplying of building consent full engineering documentations and construction monitoring and observation. The following is a list of services Hyqualty Engineering can provide:

1. New Single and Multi-storey Building Designs:

1.1 Foundation Design: We have extensive experience of design foundation systems 
including strip footing, raft footing, piling footing etc.  
1.2 Suspended Floor System: Applying the latest design codes and guidelines, we can design and documentation for a range of suspended floors including off-formed concrete, composite concrete, Timber floor (truss or solid timber) and steel truss flooring.
1.2 Roof and Wall Framing Analysis: Hyqualty Engineering provides design or check your roof (conventional or trussed roof) and wall framing (masonry or others) to ensure compliance with Australian standards and provide you with a design that suits the related Australian standards.
1.3 Lightweight (Timber, Steel, SIP) Construction: Utilising our strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers such as Pyrda, Mitek, Bluescope and other local suppliers, we are able to offer the most efficient and economic design service for the lightweight components of your building.

2. Renovation and Extension Designs:
2.1 Ground Floor Extension: Engineering design and certification for the extension of the existing building including new rooms extension, closing-in of carports and verandas.
2.2 Upper Floor Extension: Hyqualty Engineering provides the inspection to check the structural adequacy of the existing building and helping you to achieve the optimised design for your new upper floor addition.

3. Patio, Shed and Carport Design: 
Providing the structural design and certification of the new Patio, Shed and carport with different form such as timber or steel framed. 

4. New Swimming Pool Design: 
Concrete swimming pool design in all sizes and shapes.

5. Retaining Wall Design and Certification:
Engineering design the retaining walls in different form such as Panel and Post, Limestone, Concrete (in-situ or block work), Masonry (Mass brick or Cavity filled).

6. Stormwater: 
Extensive design experience and close working relationship with Local Councils, we ensure that our stormwater drainage designs adhere to relevant criteria whilst providing the most efficient solution for your application. 

7. On-site service and inspection:
7.1 Structural Adequacy Inspection and report of the existing building
7.2 Roof inspection
7.3 Suspended floor inspection

7.4 Dilapidation Report



Hyqualty Engineering conducts engineering design, field investigations and testing of soil material and other exploratory work for residential and commercial projects. We offer a full range of inspection services including; geotechnical inspections and investigations, Site classification and residential footing design.

Hyqualty Engineering adopts standard footing and slab design solutions based on a classification of expansive nature of the site in accordance with AS 2870 - 2011.  This process is very efficient and following an appropriate geotechnical site investigation to determine the correct Site Classification, facilitates the adoption of standard foundation systems for the projects. The Site where is related to the clay content and inherent reactivity of the soil. In order to assess a reliable Site Classification, Hyqualty Engineering relies on a comprehensive geotechnical investigation, incorporating relevant laboratory testing, in conjunction with a sound understanding of the derivation of the shrink/swell properties of the soil.

The following is a list of services Hyqualty Engineering can provide:
1. Site classification
2. Full Geotechnical report
3. PSP soil compaction testing