Our Advantages

Professional Team

Hyqualty Group’s shareholders and most of our employees have specialised academic backgrounds. We have experienced architects, engineers and the most professional real estate agents. We have many years of experience in the industry. Our partners are all outstanding leaders in the industry.

Comprehensive model to ensure expected return

With accumulated high-quality resources and rich experience in recent years, Hyqualty Group ensures the client derives maximum benefits. We have the most professional architectural and structural design team, the most complete development process and planning, the most experienced construction team and the most mature development capabilities. We will on your behalf appropriately control the project cost and discerningly fine-tune the marketing strategy to ensure maximisation of benefits of the project.

Perfect risk aversion mechanism

We have sound real estate development knowledge and operational processes, multi-disciplinary development capabilities and a keen market sense. Most importantly, we will help each client to effectively avoid every risk in the development process and share the project risks with investors.

Perfect risk aversion mechanism

With many years of local development and construction experience in Australia, Hyqualty Group is committed to providing management, consulting and assistance covering the whole process, from project feasibility analysis, land purchase, design and procedure for approval, housing construction to sale. We seamlessly bundle ourselves with investors and share risks with them. Everything we do is to maximize benefits to be client while minimizing investment risks.